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Welcome to Jesus or!


The basic premise of the game "who would you rather be..?" is as follows:

A player will identify two "individuals" (for example: Jesus of Nazareth - the son of God, and Edson Arantes Do Nascimento - the Brazilian footballer usually known as Pele). Other players are then invited to suggest which of the pair they would rather be. The site takes its name from one of the benchmark questions that often arises during a session of this game, namely:

"Who would you rather be, Jesus or Pele?"

Variations of this game are commonly played by groups of students or young professionals, usually in the drinking arena and thus the rules are inevitably rather abstract.


The aim of this site is to allow "who would you rather be..?" to be played interactively.

The primary game rules are as follows:

  1. There is no scoring, only the ranking of results submitted online
  2. There is no order of play, all players are invited to question the group as and when they see fit. The online game allows solo play as pairs of figures are drawn at random
  3. The "individuals" named may be celebrities, characters, or personalities from fact or fiction - the only proviso is that they are recognised by the majority of the playing group. Some background may be given to assist less informed players
  4. The pair of individuals proposed need not be associated in any way, and often the question is better when they are not
  5. The question is "who would you rather be..?", not "who is best..?" nor "who do you like the most..?" In answering, players must always remember that they are hypothetically electing to BE the celebrity, and are undertaking all the positive and negative aspects that this decision would encompass
  6. There is no third alternative
  7. There is an answer to every question, however hard it may seem
  8. Tough questions are good questions
  9. Good questions are better than good answers